Hemmanuel the Springgreen

Gnome, Male



Race: Gnome
Class: Engineer
Alignment: Neutral Good

Level: We’ll see
Size: Small
Gender: Male
Height: 4’ 5’’
Weight: 70 lbs
Eyes: Dreamy
Hair: Springgreen
STR: Will depend on DM’s rules
DEX: Will depend on DM’s rules
CON: Will depend on DM’s rules
INT: Will depend on DM’s rules
WIS: Will depend on DM’s rules
CHA: Will depend on DM’s rules
HP: Depends on level
AC: Depends on level
INIT: Depends on other stats
Fort. save: Depends on other stats
Refl. save: Depends on other stats
Will save: Depends on other stats
Base attack bonus: Depends on other stats
Weapons: Special Engineer Sword
Armour/Protective Item: Special Engineer Vest
Feats: Handy as fuck
Flaws: Too dreamy, small and green
Traits: Dreamy, big feet (you know what they say about big feet)
Special Abilities: You know, handy stuff
Skill Points: Still choosing
- Sword
- Vest
- Cloak
- Loincloth
- Wedding ring


She was beautiful against the dawning morning sky. The night was passing but he wished it wouldn’t end. Never. She ran away laughing and giggling. He got up quickly and chased her through the lush and green forest hoping he would catch up soon and steal yet another one of her sweet kisses. The first rays of the sun hit the tree tops as he wrestled her to the ground. They tumbled around for a while until she finally got on top and released a cavalcade of kisses on his neck and face.
- Oh, how I love you, my sweet flower. he said in his moist loving voice.
- I love you too, papi.
He knew the time had come to let her sneak back into her parents house again and for him to go back to his humble home. Reluctantly he kissed her goodbye outside his house and made his way to bed. Sweet and lovely dreams filled his head instantly as he put his head on the pillow. He dreamt of him and her. Alone. Nothing but them and freedom. Sweet freedom. When he woke up everything was different, everything was chaos!
Something was burning. He ran outside and saw that the whole village was engulfed in flames. Fast as the lightning he ran over to Azaleas house and saw that it was completely swallowed by the deadly fire. Then he saw him. His long blonde hair was waving back and forth as he thrust his glorious blood soaked baloney pony into her limp body.
He was just about to run over and slay the filthy blood elf as he felt something hit his head. A sharp pain followed and then the world was black. Everything was black. The whole universe. Before he completely lost consciousness he was able to utter one word: Azalea…

Hold me closer tiny dancer.

Hemmanuel the Springgreen

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