Elliot Bloodworth

Human, Male


Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Alignment: Lawful Good



At the age of sixteen Elliots parents were murdered, before that his life was happy and joyful. From time to time Elliot still thinks back on his happy memories without knowing who murdered his parents. Elliots is now much older and have given up the search for his parents murder long ago. He still lives in what once was his parents house, it was a big and beautiful building but now it’s old and decayed. After his parents died he went out to search for his parents killer in anger and looking for revenge. There he faced great danger and from his adventure he became a powerful and wise wizard. After he returned to his former home Elliot became demure and people in the village doubts he still lives but no one dares to go near the house after the experiments he did after returning…(the experiments might have done something to him…)

Elliot Bloodworth

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