Ronjas dude/dudette


Preliminary profile

Name: Cassandra VIII Chesterfield
Race: Halfling
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Level: We’ll see
Size: Small
Gender: Female
Height: 2’ 11’’
Weight: 33 lbs
Eyes: Golden Brown
Hair: Platinum Blonde
STR: Will depend on DM’s rules
DEX: Will depend on DM’s rules
CON: Will depend on DM’s rules
INT: Will depend on DM’s rules
WIS: Will depend on DM’s rules
CHA: Will depend on DM’s rules
HP: Depends on level
AC: Depends on level
INIT: Depends on other stats
Fort. save: Depends on other stats
Refl. save: Depends on other stats
Will save: Depends on other stats
Base attack bonus: Depends on other stats
Weapons: Still choosing
Armour/Protective Item: Still choosing
Feats: Still choosing
Flaws: Still choosing
Traits: Still choosing
Special Abilities: Depends on level
Skill Points: Still choosing
- [Weapon]
- [Armour]
- Shirt, tunic (1.5 lbs)
- Sack (0.15 lbs (small character))
- Bedroll (1.5 lbs (small character))
- Waterskin (1 lbs (small character))
- Mirror (0.5 lbs)
- Assorted makeup (0.5 lbs)
- Cigarettes (0.5 lbs)
Spells: Depends on level


Cheerful, flirtatious halfling who loves everybody until you piss her off, in which case she will cut a bitch and spit on their grave. Carries around a tiny guitar, which she uses both to play the cheesiest love songs in the history of mankind and to whack haters with. Curses like a sailor, smokes like a chimney and goes by Casie.

Casie was born as a bit of an afterthought into a rich but not particularly respectable family. She has a significantly older brother, Nestor XVII, and a niece, Cynthia III. Her mother died giving birth to her, and her father died a few years later when he choked on a meatball. Casie was raised by Nestor and the family servants. She moved out of the family home when Nestor got married, and started a not-quite-legal business smuggling and selling tobacco products. Also ran a discount wedding business at one point, which is how she eventually got into the whole cleric thing.

Casie’s goals in life are love, money and world peace. She has been married seven times (which she will often tell unsolicited tales about), and is up for any adventure that may result in profits and/or the overthrowing of evil entities, as long as she’s allowed to stop on the way to buy more cigarettes and visit a bar or two.


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