Tuffgai Nabnob

Orc, Male



Race: Orc
Colour: Green
Class: Druid
Gender: Male
Age: 30-ish (Orks have age?)
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Starting Spells:
Entangling Roots (See Warcraft III)
Summon Totem of Healing
Transformation (GM decides what animals can be used and when)

Starting skills:
Conjure/make HP potion
Conjure/make Mana potion

Weapon: Staff
Armor: Piece of cloth

Level: GM decides (starting low I guess)
Stats: GM decides


Tuffgai NabnobTuffgai Nabnob, who nobody knows if they should call Tuffgai or Nabnob, or maybe Tuffnob or Nabgai? is a farmer who lives outside the town of Oakville, were he goes to sell his products when it’s marketday.
Tuffgai has good knowledge of plants. Nabnob makes his living by farming apples, potatoes, tomatoes and cabbage. Tuffnob also knows the basics of making traps and snares. Nabgais main interest lies in herbs and plants and how to mix them to make potions, these do not sell well amongst the people in towns, close by, so he has to make his living on eating what he produces on the farm and selling the rest.

Tuffgai is easily reccognized by the fact, that even though Orks usually are fully green, he has a big scar which is white/beige/humanskincolour on his back. This was the result of a mages flamestrike on him in his early teens when he was on an adventure.

Tuffgai Nabnob

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