Dick Analitos

Elf, Male


Race: Elf
Class: Paladin
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Dick was born as the first son of King Shlongadong and Queen Bitchimfabolous and thus the prince of the magnificent Blood Elf Kingdom. From early on Dick showed great promise both as a fighter and a leader whilst underneath there lingered a deep sexual depraved sidein him. At the ripe age of 21 he was a captain in his fathers army’s elite forces the “Raping reavers” whos deadliness was known through out the lands.
But there was trouble brewing in the old kingdom. The Capitol was hit by a massive shitstorm when DickTom decided to march his undead army through it. The rebuilding of the city required a massive amount of Gnome blood and so the Raping reavers were tasked to raid every gnome village. Dick had successfully ravaged the gnomish villages until only one remained.
On that night of the raid everything went as planned, but then dicks eyes gazed upon a puny gnome whore and his dark side bursted out. In those flames he grabbed her unconscious body and thrusted his meatstickle in to her puny front bottom, he could only see blood everywhere. AS he finally came out of his madness he could only feel the limp body of the gnome whore dangling from his penis, he then proceeded to thrust once more into her lifeless body only to realize that it ripped her body into two and left her head stuck on his erect man schlong like the head of a traitor on a pike. He then pulled himself together and finished the raid.
After Dicks return to the capitol they were met with great festivities and honor from everyone, but after King Schlongadong heard of Dicks doings
he immediately disavowed his son and banished him to a life of shame. There he festered with his rage and vowed to once again take his rightful place as king and destroy the puny gnomes once and for all.

Dick Analitos

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