Thoroar Magesblood (son of Fûrûar)

Elf, Male


Alignment: True Neutral

Thoroar was born in Aemeth Realms as a son to the commander of the King’s Guards. His father was also a member of the elite assassins of the Aemeth elves and started training his son at the age of 3. When Thoroar turned 15 he joined the King’s Guards and quickly rose to a higher position. He is now one of, if not the best, of the King’s (Lord Augandren) assassins and he is widely feared by his enemies. He is highly skilled with a bow and can move swiftly and undetected in any conditions. He holds the record for most stealth kills in shortest time (17 kills in 20 seconds). His favorite tea is blackcurrant tea.

Thoroar Magesblood (son of Fûrûar)

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